We are seeking an experienced LP investor within the medical sector for $500k of early stage funding as we continue the process of R&D, acquiring a patent, and other expenses

Development of magnetic catheter/guide wire devices. 100K

Proof of concept

  • Initial development of technology

  • rare earth magnets

  • Catheters guidewires (steerable and non steerable

Refinement  of catheters / magnets / guide wires


Laboratory Experimentation. 200K

Animal experiments

  • Technical assistance

  • Rental of laboratory space

  • Animal models

Legal Costs. 150K

Submission of provisional patents
Non-provision, utility patent filing
Expansion of patent portfolio

  • vascular applications 

  • structural heart applications

  • advanced heart failure applications (left and right ventricular assist device applications)

Freedom to operate (FTO) studies

Administrative Costs.  50K